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1) Applications

This equipment is suitable for extracting Chinese herbs and other botanical. And it also can realize the solvent recycling and essential oil collection.

2) Features

(1) Synthetic ratio of each part is very high. And all complete line use less areas with the simple operation and high efficiency. In this units, extraction, extraction, filtration, concentration, essential oil condensation are combined together, which save many materials and much work time. In this way, the work efficiency is  10%~15% higher than the traditional equipment.

(2) As to the safety device, it has the functions of over temperature alarm, the lowest water level control and steam pressure release valve, which can keep safe using.

(3) In the form of hot reflux extraction, in the process of extracting, hot solvent (water or alcohol, etc.) constant rush drench to the raw material to dissolve active ingredient. So the extraction efficiency is higher than normal form. And the original solution can be recycled and the steam can be used twice.

(4) The single effect outside cycle concentration combined with vacuum decompression enrichment, improve the efficiency of evaporation and reduce material loss

(5) It also can adopt low temperature concentration to guarantee the heat sensitive components not damaged and effective retention

(7) Environmental protection performance is good, and they do not pollute the environment. The whole machine airtight rigorous, Water vapor is not away, so it meets the GMP requirement.(7)Adopting three layer heat insulation and polished inner container

(8) Condensation speed is fast and the solvent, volatile oil can be recycled.

(9)Pipeline have filtering capabilities, which can filter the extracting solution twice and make them more cleaner